Keeping You & Your Assets Safe Around The Clock

Our Security System (CCTV) solutions are engineered to provide comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind. Using the latest in CCTV technology, we offer a range of services designed to monitor, record, and deter security breaches before they happen.
// Why CCTV

What are the Key Benefits of our Security System (CCTV) services?

Enhanced Security and Surveillance

Continuous monitoring of premises to deter criminal activities, unauthorized access, and ensure the safety of assets and personnel.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of CCTV cameras acts as a significant deterrent to potential criminals, reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Evidence Collection

In the event of an incident, CCTV footage provides valuable evidence that can help in the investigation process, leading to the identification and prosecution of offenders.

Remote Monitoring

Many modern CCTV systems allow for remote monitoring via smartphones or computers, enabling business owners and security personnel to keep an eye on their property from anywhere in the world.


Types Of Facilities That We Service

Some of our past and present work includes the Orlando Science School, Patrick Air Force Base, Lockheed Martin, Florida Hospital, Lincoln Properties and much more. For all your networking and security system needs give us call at +1 (407) 900-0578 or email us at info@www.orlandoitservices.com.