Orlando IT Services, LLC hosted voice services Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Orlando IT Services, LLC understands the services provided are mission-critical for its customers. That is why we are one of the few Service Providers to take the extra step and offer an SLA.

As a Service Provider strongly committed to offering a reliable, high-quality user experience to its customers, this is another example of our dedication.

Our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the minimum service expectations a Customer may expect from Orlando IT Services, LLC for the provided hosted voice services.

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets forth the provisions and commitments relating to service expectations between Orlando IT Services, LLC, and Customer.


Orlando IT Services, LLC will use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to maintain its overall network quality. The quality of service provided hereunder shall be consistent with other common carrier industry standards, government regulations, and sound business practices. The SLA does not apply to call quality for events unrelated to Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Voice Network.

Availability Guarantee:

A credit allowance will be given for interruptions in the Voice Service where inbound or outbound calling is affected by network elements directly under Orlando IT Services, LLC’s control and for a period in excess of 30 minutes for each User affected. Orlando IT Services, LLC hosted voice services Unavailability shall begin when the Support Ticket, Email, or Phone Call is received by the Orlando IT Services, LLC Support Team and ends when the service has been deemed in operation once again.

Credit per User Affected

Total Service Unavailability Time

1.5 Days

30 – 59 Minutes

3 Days

60 Minutes to 23 Hours + 59 Minutes

10 Days

24 Hours +


Provisions to Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Availability Guarantee:

No credit balance will be earned under the following scenarios:

  • The acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, contractors, agents, or its End Users
  • Noncompliance with respect to Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Terms of Service (including its payment terms)
  • Power failure at the customer’s location
  • Local equipment found negatively affecting the Orlando IT Services, LLC hosted voice services
  • Failure of equipment, systems, connections, or services not provided or controlled by Orlando IT Services, LLC
  • Force Majeure Events
  • Circumstances or causes beyond the reasonable control of Orlando IT Services, LLC
  • Any period in which Orlando IT Services, LLC is not provided full and free access to all required equipment in order to rectify a situation
  • Customer’s failure to provide Orlando IT Services, LLC with remote and/or on-site access to CPE upon request, including router login IDs and passwords
  • Customer’s use of any Orlando IT Services, LLC Service in an unauthorized or unlawful manner
  • Improper or unapproved Local Network configurations impacting the Orlando IT Services, LLC hosted voice services

The amount of credit available per month is subject to a cap as described in this Agreement.

Credit Balance and Payment Process

Following a verified incident, Orlando IT Services, LLC will apply credits earned within three billing cycles. Credits are based on the average customer user fee, and the total sum will not exceed the average customer user fee for that billing period. Credits will only be given to customers in good financial standing and must comply with Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Terms of Service. As a result of any investigations, customers must fully cooperate with the Orlando IT Services, LLC Support Team. Failure to do so, will negate all credit earnings and void the Guarantee.

Policy Change

At any time, Orlando IT Services, LLC may change, amend or revise this SLA. The revised SLA shall become effective once posted on the Orlando IT Services, LLC website.

Network Maintenance

Scheduled Network Maintenance refers to normal maintenance scheduled for the upgrade of Orlando IT Services, LLC’s data, and voice network, as well as servers used to deliver Orlando IT Services, LLC Services to Customers. Scheduled Network Maintenance may occur at any time during our maintenance window of 12:00 AM – 7:00 AM EST. Such effects related to Scheduled Network Maintenance shall not give rise to service credits outlined in this SLA.

The remedies set forth in this SLA shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any Service Interruption in the hosted voice services, outage, unavailability, delay, or other degradation in the Services or any Orlando IT Services, LLC failure to meet the objectives of the Services.

Termination without Penalty

In the event Customer continues to experience hosted voice services issues covered by this SLA, the Customer may terminate the hosted voice services with no further penalties. To qualify; the Customer must be in good financial standing; be in compliance with Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Terms of Service; have provided Orlando IT Services, LLC with free and unrestricted access to any and all Network, Vendor, and Administrative access needed to repair the service; and have provided Orlando IT Services, LLC with 30 Days’ notice to cure such issues. Issues must be confirmed by Orlando IT Services, LLC to be directly related to its Voice Network. Termination of hosted voice services for any reason unrelated to Orlando IT Services, LLC’s Voice Network will not qualify.

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